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HIMYM AU: Barney finds out that Robin works for S.H.I.E.L.D as Agent Hill (Part 1)

They’re mixing two different universes together and yet it still makes waaay more sense than the finale.

….you know what, it really does.

HIMYM finale headcanon accepted. And then they pretend to get divorced and Robin/Maria distances herself from her friends and a couple years later someone captures footage of Maria Hill during a big superhero battle and she has to come clean to everybody and THEY ALL RESUME BEING FRIENDS AND NONE OF THE REST OF THE FINALE HAPPENS and also, later, the group accidentally meets the Avengers, and Barney spends the entire time convinced Tony is hitting on Robin (which Tony plays into to screw with him) and Lily, Tracy and Natasha disappear somewhere to bond and Steve is both charmed and weirded out by Marshall and Ted is left to try and socialize with Clint, who just sits there quietly letting Ted dig himself a deeper and deeper hole as his questions and overtures get more and more awkward. 


So Tony lets Barney off the hook and Barney immediately starts awkwardly fanboying all over him, and Clint lets Ted off the hook and cracks up and Ted is all “wait what you have a facial expression?!

And Robin/Maria goes to find Natasha and drink until the whole thing is over. Never again. This is never happening ever again. (It happens again.)

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"Nine to Five." I had to google it the premise & it’s SO relevant to my interests.

Nine to Five is classic! I have very fond memories of it - you should try to find a copy. :)

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Oh, also, fic reading for Captain Swan has been fantabulous. LOTS of delicious offerings out there!

Any recs you might have would not go amiss… :D

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THOSE ICONS WERE THE BEST i still have one saved. rolled-up sleeves are a universal fandom experience!

I apparently don’t have any of them saved anymore, though the original post is still there (I guess a couple are broken now, wonder what happened). Having multiple icons is one of the (many) things I miss about LJ…

Fic Exchange news

Yay, shipswap author! I’m very excited about my Arrow Laurel/Tommy fic. *bounces*

It’s time for sign-ups for Night on Fic Mountain. I’m still trying to decide what to request, but I’m pretty sure Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are in the mix. Anyone other than argentum-ls thinking about playing?

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in case you ever wanted to know what mambo number 5 sounds like with all the instruments (including the drums) replaced with bike horns 

it sounds like the song is going to kill you and it’s perfect


i smiled through the whole thing because i just don’t understand what would compell someone to do this but thanks

Imagine going on a murder spree while listening to this


You know the moment when you realize the child actor in the show you watch is actually amazing? Let’s call them Shipkas. This kid right here is a Shipka, straight up.

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#barb is right #these are better #yet somehow mysteriously still 50% about psych

Yes, but there’s also one about sleeves rolled up, which I believe is one of our formative bonding experiences in that earlier fandom of yore. Even if it IS (now) about Psych and Osmundson. 

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I am not picking on anyone, but seriously…how can you not love Lois Lane? I mean, honest to god, she’s LOIS LANE. — Gail Simone (@GailSimone)

I will never get it.

There’s no Superman story worth much without Lois. Historically, the Superman works when Lois is in the mix in a big way and fails when she isn’t. Even in Smallville, we knew she was coming. 



Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

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LOL, these are better. vv

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I can’t tell you MAD amount of glee I’m feeling right now, finding out you ship Captain Swan! :D

I’m not shipping it to the point of I-have-to-write-a-fic-this-moment, but I’m sure on a reading binge! The show just hit most of my shipping buttons with them in the second half of the season. And your gifsets for months haven’t hurt a bit. ;)

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mindy & danny woke up together in the ep where they broke up. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PROGRESSION OF THAT RELATIONSHIP POST-PLANE. sorry. slipped out.

Huh! Definitely need to do a rewatch of that ep. I don’t hate EVERYTHING, but I really didn’t want what happened. It looks like a course correction might be on the way, though?

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I have a theory on Mindy/Danny: they said they were going to take it slow, and then they still had sex because they’re both sexually active adults who have slept with a large portion of New York, collectively, and it would be sort of strange not to sleep together.

That theory makes sense. I don’t know why I had a whole they’ve-never-done-it scenario in my head. *shrug* Maybe I thought the show would make a bigger deal out of it? Who knows. :)