Disappointing Pictures

”I worry about you, detective. You have breakfast at your desk, before anyone arrives and dinner after everyone leaves.. and then you go home to sleep. There’s more to life.”

Abe: Oh, please tell me you weren’t slaving away in that dungeon of yours. Come on, it’s the weekend.

Henry: I was in my laboratory, studying!

Forever 1.03


Marvel’s Coming Attractions

We’re there opening weekend. For every single one of these movies.

Maybe I could use a little ‘meant to be’ in my life. Just a little.

I want to talk about how Jake is still googoo for her (there's another promo with them in evidence lockup). I want to talk about how Amy was super nervous about seeing him again. I want to talk about Jake hoping maybe Amy had left Teddy and picked him. I mostly want to talk about how Jake Peralta Has Feelings and they aren't going away and how that is SO BRAVE of both Jake and the show. I gotta lotta feels.

Sorry it took so long to get to this — we must be on very different schedules — but your Jake post made me think about Amy! All I hope for is that she spent the summer:

  • in complete denial, not comparing everything Teddy does to Jake
  • (she didn’t do that at all)
  • throwing herself into her work, hoping that Jake’s time away would make him forget all about what he said
  • (but he didn’t forget so now she has to deal with it)
  • wishing things could be like they were before
  • (only they never will be, does she really want them to be?)

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I’m looking at the nominations now! I wished I’d have participated last year, it looked like you guys had a ton of fun with it. Now I just have to figure out what I want to nominate…

Oh, you definitely should play! Even if everything you’d want to request is already nominated, the main sign up is in mid-late October. I’m sure all of us will post about it when the time comes. :)

saving a city takes a toll (x)

saving a city takes a toll (x)


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I love everything about both of these comments!
Oh, all the happy happy Yuletide feelings!

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Whoever writes it will get at least two comments, I see. ♥

#oh and blithers could your nominations be ANY more obvious on that spreadsheetlove ya bb.

It was like, yep, that’s blithers all right, first two exactly as expected, check, well, looks like she went with her old standby when she dropped NMTD… ;)


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I have signed up for Yuletide and nominated three things for Yuletide that there are ZERO stories for on AO3. I AM AWESOME.

Thanks, htbthomas, for holding my hand as I stumbled through the process. You are a fandom fairy!

☆ Achievement unlocked! 


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Oh my god get as many people as possible to participate in Yuletide I love it so much


I nominated A to Z! Soulmate level match!

Highest of fives! You rock!



The Passive-Aggressive Voice